Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Revit Structure 2008 Shortcuts Quick Reference

There are many predefined keyboard shortcuts for Revit Structure commands.

This document lists the shortcuts by Menu Item - I have printed out two copies, placed them back to back, then encapsulated them in plastic using the a laminating machine to keep nearby as a reference card.

I have also found that you can also configure your own keyboard shortcut key combinations that appear in the Revit Structure interface next to their corresponding menu item.

You can create multiple shortcuts for one menu command. In the menu, the shortcut that displays in the menu is the first shortcut listed in the KeyboardShortcuts.txt file. A job for when I'm more proficient with the package I think!


jay said...

I can't find the keyboardshortcut.txt file. I have edited before at my previous company but when I started at my current employer, I tried it but I couldnt find the file to edit. The only difference is that this place uses Vista. Is there any way to find that file?

cadalot said...

James so sorry I never noticed your comment

I just checked and found the KeyboardShortcuts.txt file to be located in the typical location in 2009:
C:\Program Files\Revit Architecture or Structure 2009\Program\KeyboardShortcuts.txt