Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Educational copy 13 month licence for FREE

One of my trainee technicians has informed me of something very interesting.

His lecturer has told the student on his course to login in and download the Autodesk software they need so that they can learn how to use it and produce material for their coursework for FREE
Here is the link to the Student Engineering & Design Community :-


I had been looking into the purchase of an educational licence so that I could continue learning the package at home in the evenings. (The company I’m currently working for has not purchased REVIT yet, they are still looking into it).

If you have a school-issued email address you can get started immediately on the new member registration page.

The Autodesk resellers I contacted did no know about this and they had directed me to an academia software site where they are currently selling the same Student / Teacher 13 month licence at £59.99 Buy Online

As with most Autodesk educational software there is a plot stamp embedded within the files produced that states that the drawing has been produced by an educational version.

So make sure that your students know that they are to keep their learning copy at home and the office copy (should you have one) well away from each other i.e. don’t use any files from or produced by the educational version on real work.

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