Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Vote for your Candidate (Me I hope!) for the AUGIuk Board of Directors

As you know I firmly believe in peer to peer support, that’s why I set up the UK Revit Register which has been the catalyst for the LRUG and the GRUG forming.

I’m one of twelve candidates (Alan Wooldridge) who have put their names forward for the AUGIuk Board of Directors. We now need YOU, the AUGIuk members, to vote for us!

No spin. No TV debates. You just choose who you think should be on the UK board by selecting Yes or No for each candidate on the election page on the AUGIuk website.

1) Use this link to get to the AUGIuk Web Page and Login In as you MUST be logged in using your AUGI login details to vote.

2) Click on the AUGI logo above the title “Yes, another election! This time, the AUGIuk Board of Directors!” to go to the voting page. (Why they didn’t use a [Vote Here] Button I will never know?)

3) Just click Yes or No on each candidate and then click on Submit Vote.

If you have any questions on how to vote, please contact Shaun Bryant, AUGIuk Country Coordinator at before midnight 31st May 2010 when voting will close.

We look forward to your vote!


Peter McCarthy said...

just put in a vote for you!

cadalot said...

Thanks Peter thats 3 make at least 3 votes ;0)