Sunday, 18 July 2010

Revit Family Basics ~ Video Tutorials


Taking my usual surf of all things Revit on You Tube I found the two video's below created by William Spier – MEP Technical Specialist Autodesk Inc which appear to be the start of a series. As others are released I will list them here. Here is a link to the RevitFamily Jewels YouTube Channel

The videos pointed me in the direction of the Family Jewels Blog  where William Spier, Ian McGaw, Martin J. Schmid,  Jason A. Spleha and Scott Brisk are the Authors and the site appears to have been around since April 2010.

1 - Revit Family Basics

Basics of Revit Family template files, Revit Family editor environment, loading families into a project, saving, etc.

2 - Simplifying Overdetailed Families

Here's a case of an over detailed piece of Revit content that we can pretty quickly pare down and rebuild in Revit using model lines to depict the details that were originally modeled instead of just drawn using model or symbolic lines. This is a video you will want to point your manufacturers and vendors to so they can start to understand Revit designers HATE geometrically over-detailed content. We like simple looking content that is Informationally robust. Make the link to the content pretty & fancy, and make the content simple but accurate, and you (manufacturer) will be designed in!!

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