Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Revit User Experience Designer Required

Ok I've not Blogged for a little while because I have been so busy with work and arranging events for LRUG the London Revit User Group and updating it's web site, and security measures etc.

Chris has asked me to post the job advert below because it may be of interest to many of my readers. It would appear that Autodesk know that I'm passionate about Revit and hoped I didn't mind them asking for my help to make it better. Autodesk are looking for a candidate to join the Revit User Experience team with very specific experience in construction modeling.

Always happy to make Revit better so here we go:-

Title: Senior User Experience Designer/12WD12254
Primary Location: Waltham, Massachusetts

You are an expert in modeling for construction. You pursued this career path because you are energized by complex problems, passionate about getting the details right, and convinced that technology can shape our environment. You are a designer at heart. You are able to lead and also follow. You want to work collaboratively with a team of equally committed, talented, and driven professionals. 

If this is you, we'd like you to consider joining our team as a user experience designer for Revit, focused on modeling for construction. Don't worry if you've never written a line of code or designed a software application, if you are the right candidate, we can teach you what you need to know user experience design.

Are you excited by this opportunity? If so, you can review the full position posting here. Please send a statement of interest and resume to Want to wow us? Send us a link to some work of which you are really proud and tell us about your role in making it real.

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