Friday, 7 December 2012

A Fool And Their Money......The B1M

Saw this  "The B1M (the BIM one million) is now live at Please share your BIM learning and experiences to inspire wider uptake around the world. "on Linked-In and had to have a look.

The web site is missing a picture on the front page, then you read on and find its £2 a poke and limited at just 1 Million people (at the moment) so that's 2 Million Pounds, nice idea for making money and that's about all ;0)

My initial reaction was, If you are going to waste £2 give it to a charity, those already into BIM know who all the usual faces are already.....and those joining will find out soon enough.

Then Fred Mills • replied

Hi Alan, thanks for the comments. Please see the news article below. It would be very short sighted of us to make £2m and go off on a jolly. This is about making a long term impact on our industry and promoting BIM around the world. You're welcome to join in.

After reading the information on the press release it kinda gives it a little more credibility and this information should really be on The B1M front page, but there are so many of these BIM clubs forming, I will give £2 to charity instead.

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