Friday, 5 March 2010

Revit Zone the Return!

After Ians posting on confirming that development of the Revit Zone website had now finished. But fret not, lots of new Revit goodness was on it's way to their new site at

He has been getting quite a few emails over the last week asking why he is rebranding the site to

The only answer he can give to that is because it seemed a cool name!. But there seems to be a concensus that (from the emails he has received), people generally like the name Revit Zone and had got used to it. And as he is one for feedback, he has listened and decided to change the name back- but keep the new look site! (If that's OK with us?!).

If nothing else, he sincerely hopes we like the look of the new site and find it a bit easier than the old Revit Zone, in terms of navigation.

Got to be said I like the new format, except you can't link to an individual posting!

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