Friday, 18 March 2011

Autodesk Special Media Webcast ~ And Bloggers Day


Autodesk provided the graphics but not with embedded hyperlinks ,so click here to Preregister:

As part of the Blogger Webcast Series in an effort to keep bloggers up-to-date with the latest Autodesk release news.  Many of us have  been invited to a series of webcasts on March 21st and 22nd!

To kick-off the Blogger Webcast Series an "open to the public" webcast will be hosted by Amar Hanspal on March 21st at 5p Eastern Daylight Time. We Bloggers then get to see what's coming in Revit 2012 and are allowed to report on it for you.

Most of the Bloggers also beta test, so we kinda know what to expect, but it's always interesting to attend these functions and have confirmation.

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