Sunday, 20 March 2011

The World Is Going MAD!

Is it me or is the World including the UK going mad?

I don’t normally do politics, but It has to be the Victor Meldrew coming out in me as I turned 53 last week.

In February the BBC Reported that the" £4bn fleet of new RAF Nimrods were being scrapped thus creating a "massive gap" in British security” but somehow saving money!

2nd March the Daily Mail reports that “Hundreds of British servicemen and women currently risking their lives in Afghanistan face the sack within a few months, the Ministry of Defence admitted last night.”

Now in March we are off to monitor the Libya “no fly zone” to stop Gaddafi bombing his own people, and we have just scrapped our new spy planes. Yesterday I watch one of Gaddafi’s plane being shot down outside the opposition stronghold of Benghazi on the TV.

RAF Tornado jets, which are also due to be de-commissioned along with the sacking of their pilot, have joined in the operation to enforce a no-fly zone over Libya as the international community swung into action against Muammar Gaddafi.

The Ministry of Defence confirmed Stormshadow missiles were launched from Tornado GR4 fast jets, which flew 3,000 miles from RAF Marham in Norfolk and back.

The UK government is going to make, Hundreds of Servicemen, Policemen, Firefighters, Local Authority Employees and Teachers etc. redundant to save money and fix the economy.


All these people will be looking for work during the “credit crunch” which the new term for a world wide recession, and will be claiming unemployment benefit.

Governments and Local Authorities have never understood the bigger picture when it comes to financial matters, and can’t see that what they are doing to save money from one area or budget, is only going to cost them more in another area or budget.

And now that the UK has rushed in because of the, “special relationship” that the UK is supposed to have with the USA, and the Black Gold in that Area of the world.

The UK will now be at even more threat from terrorist attack and a prime target next year with the Olympics.

Buy hay, they will just keep reducing the police force and other emergency services…… it's not as if we might actually need them some time soon!
The  World will say it "Team America" all over again.....Mr President

"I have an idea, we will get the French and the Brits to go in first!"


Mark said...

The world is going mad... Victor Meldrew and Barack Obama both making cameo's on a Revit Structure blog! :)

cadalot said...

It's juat a little bit of history repeating itself!