Monday, 21 June 2010

UK Webinar ~ Producing RC Drawings in AutoCAD Structural Detailing

This interactive demonstration and feedback session will be focused on the production of reinforced concrete drawings and schedules using AutoCAD Structural Detailing. ASD is supplied with Revit Structure Suite, so we will also look at the optional process of exporting our geometry from RS to ASD.

ASD is not new to the market, however it has recently gone under a lot of development which is why we think its now ready to demonstrate. We would very much appreciate your feedback and comments both during the session and afterwards. If you have access to a phone or a microphone, you will be able to talk directly to the presenter, or you can simply type questions into the chat facility.

AutoCAD Structural Detailing helps improve design accuracy by providing tools that automate the generation of more complete and comprehensive details, drawings, schedules, and material takeoffs. The software provides tools that help with the creation of concrete reinforcement drawings and enable efficient modelling of steel connections and shop drawings. AutoCAD Structural Detailing supports the building information modelling (BIM) process for structural engineering by extending structural design workflows to fabrication, enabling a more efficient and accurate process for creating fabrication details and drawings.

Friday lunch time 25th June 2010.
12:45 PM - 1:45 PM BST 
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Janice said...

Thanks for your interactive demonstration and feedback session using AutoCAD Structural Detailing. I work for McGraw Hill Construction. CAD drawings and details for thousands of building products are available on The McGraw-Hill Construction Sweets Network. auto cad drawing