Thursday, 3 June 2010

What's New in Revit MEP 2011 ~ 90 Second Video Tutorials

Here are some more Autodesk produced 90 second videos uploaded to YouTube, on the 10th may 2010. These short videos are really useful. however If only Autodesk could actually watch them before posting as the sound quality in this batch is not good as the last lot and could have been adjusted to make these perfect!.

What's New in Revit MEP 2011 - Valves & Fittings – 0:53
It is now possible to place valves, fittings, and other types of duct or piping accessories while in an elevation or section view. For example, you can switch to an elevation view and place a valve in a vertical pipe. You can also add and modify valves and fittings in the 3D view.

What's New in Revit MEP 2011 - Text & Leader Improvements – 1:01
Users can use text formatting keyboard shortcuts and be able to find and replace words within their notes. The leader enhancements include allowing users to set the proper justification for the leader within the top, middle, or bottom locations of the text note and adjust the distance between the leader end and the text note.

What's New in Revit MEP 2011 - Temp Dimensions - 1:18
As you create or select geometry, Autodesk Revit MEP software displays temporary dimensions around the component. This is useful in helping to place the component in the proper location. To view the temporary dimensions of a component, click Modify and select the component. If there are dimensions you want to appear at all times, create permanent dimensions.

What's New in Revit MEP 2011 - Tag on Placement - 1:24
You can now tag MEP components as they are being placed instead of tagging them as a separate set of steps. Tag on Placement is now enabled for most categories of objects in Revit MEP. The Tag on Placement functionality is a toggle button found in the ribbon when placing new elements. If there is not a tag currently loaded for the object being placed, Revit will prompt you to load one.

What's New in Revit MEP 2011 - SunPath Simulation – 1:16
Autodesk Revit MEP 2011 enables you to evaluate the sun path to help understand the impact of the sun and sun path in relation to the project location. You now have the ability to show a visual representation of a period of the year to study, or a particular time of day to better understand the impact of the sun and shadows in relation to the surrounding environment. (Poor Sound Quality)

What's New in Revit MEP 2011 - Content & Piping – 1:09
Many new types of electrical content have been added. New content is now provided for communications, fire safety, data, nurse call, and so on. Control panels have also been added. In addition, theres a new pipe fitting type for flanges: If you define a flanged pipe type, you can edit the type and specify a companion flange thatll be automatically inserted between the pipes and flanged fittings, and on connections to equipment such as pumps. (Poor Sound Quality)

For more of these useful videos from Autodesk keep an eye on AutodeskBuilding on YouTube.

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