Friday, 20 August 2010

Autodesk Feedback Community Group on Linked-In

I've always maintained that there is little point in complaining about a piece of software if you are not willing to alpha and beta test to assist in its’ development.

I never wanted to become an Engineering Manager, Health and Safety CDM-C and Party Wall Surveyor it was just a natural progression from being a bloody good draughtsman and attending far to many part time college and university courses and obtaining an honours degree in civil engineering (with a structural bias).

Over the years I’ve written CAD software, alpha and beta tested all kinds of software, mostly these have been related to my first love “drawing”. Most testing I do is for fun, yes I like finding the little bugs in programs and code.

The profile for the group says “This group is intended for Autodesk product users and enthusiast interested in participating in Beta test cycles of future Autodesk product releases.”. That's good that means I'm an enthuiast and not a nurd or a geek :0)

Obviously to join the group you will need to set yourself up on linked-In (if you have not all ready).

So if you want to assist in making Revit and AutoCAD as bug free as possible, jump on board the group and get down and dirty with beta software.

There are a large number of Revit groups on linked-in already these include the likes off my own  
  • UK Revit Register and
  • 2D and or 3D Top CAD Experts
  • Autodesk University
  • Autodesk User Group International (AUGI)
  • Charlotte's Revit User Group
  • Club Revit
  • Glasgow Revit User Group
  • KA Connect
  • Revit
  • Revit Bloggers
  • Revit Structure + BIM
  • Revit Users
  • Revitopia
  • The BIM Community

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