Sunday, 3 October 2010

AUGI Revit Structure Wish List Voting Results

The results of the Revit Structure Wish List voting held during August 2010 are presented below. The Points column totals the votes for a particular wish by giving a wish six points for each first-choice vote, five points for each second-choice vote, etc. through one point for each sixth-choice vote.
The First Choice column indicates how many first-choice votes a wish received.
The Score column normalizes the Points total for a wish by dividing it by the number of voters so that the popularity of a wish can be compared across voting cycles even though the number of voters in each cycle would differ.

Below are the Top Five AUGI Revit Structure Top of the Pops, "How's about then Guys and Girls, that we give Glenn Jowett of Revit ST a big round of applause for getting in at number 5 in the hit parade, with "Tag in 3D View""  (OMG I'm turning into Sir Jimmy Saville!)  

1.Framing Member Disallow389 36   104.57
Provide a "disallow join" option for framing members. This will allow them to be infinitely controlled as needed.
Submitted By:  Tony Wagner
2.Improve Block Text Notes384 32   103.23
Make the creation of large text notes, such as general notes, much more like AutoCAD and graphically stable when editing at different display scales.
Submitted By:  Buck Wooten
3.Free Tag Rotation352 9   94.62
Allow Tags to be freely rotated at a desired angle. At present the user can only rotate the tags just horizontal or vertical.
Submitted By:  Silleke Suarez
4.Tag Top of Footing308 17   82.80
Enable the option in tags of showing Top of footing elevations, not just bottom.
Submitted By:  Jonathan Brazier
5.Tag In 3D View290 25   77.96
Enable the ability to tag anything in a 3D view.
Submitted By:  Glenn Jowett
To See the Top Ten Click Here to see the remaining wishes click the Show/Hide toggle button at the bottom of the listing on the AUGI site.

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