Monday, 1 November 2010

Another New UK Revit Blogger to Bookmark!

Now you guys know I like Jools Holland, and that I go and see him each year in concert. Well this is not a picture of a young Jools (although I did have to look twice) Its actually Joe Stott.
Joe is a qualified Architect currently working in Manchester (UK) for Aedas Architects. He is an experienced and dedicated Revit evangelist who after previously using AutoCAD based products for 10 years+ will never look back. (well that's what he says in his About Me)
Why Have I got his mug shot here, well apart from being a young Jools Holland look-a-like, Joe has recently joined the ranks of UK Revit Blogger and I would like to wish him well with his blog, and let visitors to my blog know that his blog is out there.

So here is the link to his blog...

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