Saturday, 5 February 2011

Revit Architecture Conceptual Design Video Tutorials

Here are a set of new Revit Architecture videos tutorials released by AutodeskBuilding on the 26th January 2011 ~ It's great that the Creating Custom Panel Series are numbered, but they should number all of these as the order presented by YouTube and uploaded is not the viewing order if you wanted to follow the series.

So to the creators of these 9/10 for the work you have done, just think about numbering when creating a mini-series of tutorials, because a newbie will need that assistance to know in what order to follow them. Then next time you will get 10/10 

An Adobe White Paper from Autodesk on Conceptual Design may be found Here:

This video introduces how masses work in the conceptual design environment.

This video discusses differences in working with mass families and in-place masses

This video shows how to model a mass within the project environment.

This video shows how to build parametric masses.

This video shows how to create mass floors and quantify square footage of conceptual masses.

This video shows how to create schedules from conceptual masses

This video shows how to modify masses using parameters, using a sheared roof as an example.

This video shows how to create pattern-based curtain

This video shows how to create an adaptive component for a custom

This video shows how to use reporting parameters to adjust the width of a custom curtain panel

This video concludes the series on creating custom panels by showing how to load a pattern-based curtain family into a conceptual mass.

This video shows how to make a custom grid on a divided surface

This video shows how to divide surfaces to apply panels to masses

This video introduces how pattern-based curtain families work

This video introduces working with divided surfaces

This video provides an overview of the Conceptual Energy Analysis tools

Learn how create and adjust settings for conceptual energy analysis

This video shows how to conduct a conceptual energy analysis on a conceptual mass

This video shows how conceptual masses can be modified in Autodesk Revit Architecture software to optimize conceptual energy analysis results.

This final video in the Conceptual Energy Analysis series shows how analysis results of design options can be compared side-by-side in Autodesk Revit Architecture software.


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Mark said...

I checked these out earlier this week. definitely worth a watch.