Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Mr. McCluskey's Method — An Autodesk Film Preview


Join the students at Huntley Boarding School as they meet their new teacher, Mr. McCluskey.

Learn how Mr. McCluskey's unorthodox teaching methods educate and inspire the next generation of artists, engineers, architects and designers. And wait until you discover the secret that is making Mr. McCluskey's Method the viral sensation for Autodesk customers worldwide.

Autodesk presents this tongue-in-cheek parody of the classic film genre — the all-boys boarding school.


If you are a student you also have access to free* download of over 25 products
all with a new, extended 3-year license

This is the same full version software that over 9 million designers, engineers and digital artists are using at 100 percent of Fortune 100 companies in over 183 countries around the world. Experience the newest editions of 2D and 3D products, such as Autodesk® Inventor®, Autodesk® Revit®, Autodesk® 3ds

The unemployed can also register to get hold of free software.thanks to the Autodesk Assistance Program


Applicants must meet the following eligibility requirements:
- Must be currently unemployed
- Must have worked in the architecture, engineering, design or manufacturing community
- Must complete online application required elements, including personal contact information
- Must specify their date of departure from their former employer, employer name, and HR contact information
- Must self-certify that they meet eligibility requirements


Getting started in the Autodesk Assistance Program is easy! Just refer to the following steps:

1. Determine if you meet program eligibility requirements at
2. Register for Program Participation and certify your program eligibility
3. Receive your confirmation email
4. Log in to the secure site with your new credentials

Once enrolled in the program, you can refer back to the Autodesk Assistance Program website to continue receiving the program benefits outlined in this document and on the
program web site.

*Free products are subject to the terms and conditions of the end-user license agreement that accompanies download of the software. The products, programs and other information contained on this page may not be available in all geographies.

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