Friday, 22 April 2011

Plugin of the Month from the Autodesk Developer Network

Good old Steve Stafford's and his Revit OpEd Blog ~ I now know there is a Plugin of the Month resource.

Steve says "Poking at them, it should have been rolled into 2012 but I'm grateful that it exists and freely so. Check out the Autodesk Labs blog post."

This is a little like the Excitech Revit Toolkit - Coordinate Scheduling that will be three years old, once they get around to updating it to 2012. I'm very thankful to excitech for creating their toolkit, the point is they really should not have too.

As Steve rightly says the above and this includes the excitech toolkit, by now they should have been rolled into Revit already.

Hence the label on this post to Fix_the_Basics .........

Autodesk we do hope you are taking note! or perhaps change the site name to Plugin of the YEAR!

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