Thursday, 27 March 2014

Let the Revit 2015 Reviews Begin

There will be no review from David Light this year as he is extremely busy - but they have started see Steve Stafford blog post HERE 

Still no fix and a Basic Text Editor that works! i.e. subscript and superscript text, the list of new significant features is very small. A few years ago say 2010 Revit got legs and started to walk and then it ran for a couple of years, but over the last couple of years the pace of developments and improvements has declined. It feels like the runner is knackered and struggling to maintain the lead it had in the BIM Market place. 

I suspect that it's because they have taken the original product as far as possible with bolt-on's and patch up's and they really need to re-write significant portions of the programme, we known that's true of the text editing and word processing within the package, which has been on the user wish list and lets face it even AutoCAD has had a viable text editor for many years. 

I also think that the Architects and Structural users are suffering because so much time and effort has been spent over the last few years in the development of the Mechanical and Electrical side of Revit.

It's only a few years ago that there was the six month in from release Annual Subscription Advantage Pack, i.e. there was an incentive merit in paying for annual subscription. Now they have most users on Subscription it's like they don't feel like they need to perform.

IMHO from a small practice point of view Autodesk have shot their selves in the foot by no longer selling Revit as a stand alone package to get small businesses on the BIM and Revit ladder. Revit Lite Suite is not a real option due to the limitations with families, if you want to do anything serious with the package.

Although there are additional features added to RC detailing until shown otherwise RC detailing in Revit is still appears to be little more than a 3D TOY - Now there is a challenge for someone from Autodesk to come and present at LRUG showing us how we can get real UK and Europe designs and schedules within Revit easily. 

A few years ago we bloggers were given early demonstrations and information so we could blow the fanfare on what's New in this years version, perhaps Autodesk have become embarrassed by how little there is on offer as it didn't happen this year.  

There is a review of new features in Revit 2015 at CADline


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