Monday 31 March 2014

Important Name Changes in Autodesk Subscription


Got this in an email from one of the UK Resellers
Autodesk Subscription is no longer the name of the software maintenance program offered by Autodesk; it is now the umbrella brand for all of the Subscription offerings provided by Autodesk, including the following options:

Autodesk Maintenance Subscription:

Previously Known as:
Autodesk Subscription 


Autodesk Maintenance Subscription, previously referred to as the Autodesk Subscription program, allows subscribers to maximise their investment and effectively maintain their Autodesk perpetual software license
Autodesk Desktop Subscription:
Previously Known as:
Rental Plans

Desktop Subscription is what Autodesk previously referred to as rental plans. Why do they call it "desktop"? Autodesk call it "Desktop Subscription" to differentiate this option from software accessed from the cloud.  

Autodesk Cloud Service:
Previously Known as:
Cloud Services

Autodesk Cloud Service Subscription is the name of the program for customers who want to subscribe to the various cloud services that Autodesk provides.

While the name of each offering has changed, the benefits remain the same. If you subscribe to any of the Autodesk Subscription offerings you will receive access to the latest software, cloud services, technical support and certain flexible licensing right such as extra territory and home use rights.

The questions re this notification have to be
Especially If the service stays the same or you have not introduced another level of service to the customer and giving little in return
Bring Back the Subscription Advantage Packs mid year, god know there isn't enough in the annual release of Revit this year to warrant the subscription fee. 


Unknown said...

Subs advantage pack.....who said there won't be one? Hmm?

cadalot said...

I don't doubt there will be one it's the quality of the material released over the last few years it has not been as significant or as god as it was when all the herding of the users onto it was taking place. My hope is that we will be blown away as we should have been with the new version