Saturday, 9 May 2009

Revit Structure Services and Support ~ Lack of Content

Skill BuildersAutodesk Revit Structure Skill Builders are advanced learning exercises that focus on accomplishing a specific task.

Families GuideA guide that contains conceptual explanations, tutorials, and reference information to help you understand how to work with Revit Structure families.

As you will see from my last few postings I’ve been poking around the Autodesk Revit Structure Services & Support area of the Autodesk web site for information to download.

Looking under the How–to–Articles Menu. I’ve found that although there is a nice description of what should be available there for downloading, there is nothing to be found under either Skill Builders or Families Guide!
Has someone forgotten to upload the information?

Does the information Exist?

Is it coming soon and if so when?

For previous versions of Revit Structure the Getting Started Concrete Project and Getting Started Steel project were also available for download. I have not been able to find these for 2010 anywhere either.

If anyone from Autodesk is looking (and I know you do, because it shows up on my sitemeter information) then please email me with some answers to my observations and questions.

Here is the link to the Autodesk Revit Structure Services & Support area

I will let you know when anything appears!


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