Friday, 15 May 2009

Autodesk MyFeedback Portal and Forums Closing May 30th 2009

I've been participating on Autodesk MyFeedback over the last few years. It’s a method by which you can participate in the development and improving Autodesk products.

Autodesk have just sent an email to participants informing them that the current MyFeedback platform has grown way beyond its originally designed structure and they are looking to introduce a new Autodesk Feedback Community over the next few month.

They are also reorganizing the management of Autodesk betas. Beta projects will be managed individually on this new community by each of the four Autodesk Divisions.

They will be retiring MyFeedback on May 30th 2009, and will be moving future betas to our new Autodesk Feedback Community server.

The new Autodesk Feedback Community is located at .

You can sign up at now.

So instead of complaining about what did not make it in the next version or bugs that are in the program, get on the inside and help find those problems and develop those features before the next version of the program is released!

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