Tuesday, 15 September 2015


OK Cool Video and I have subscribed because I'm curious how useful a resource this is or is not going to be? 

Is just going to yet another social media resource like Linked-IN, Facebook and the numerous other or will it offer something new, refreshing and informative?

The test will be if you are still going back after the first month after launch as we are all being BIMmed to death! 

Get your invitation for the launch : http://www.bimfriends.com

Here is a little more information about BIMFRIENDS that has been released to the Blogging community

BIM friends is a newcomer to this fantastic BIM world, it’s a specialized social network and collaborative platform for BIM, the purpose of this website is to connect the BIM users each other’s and offer them all contents kinds and services in one place :

Social networking section, the heart of the website, members can follow in one place all activities of the community, they can add new friends like Facebook or follow other members like Twitter, they can join local groups and be part of many sub-communities organized by software’s and fields, they can post updates and photos also like most of social platforms.

Blog section where we publish a weekly products reviews and BIM news, not only the website editors can post in this section but all members can do it and write about topics they like, news or present simply their projects or products for example.

Discussions section zone where members can start threads and ask for technical support or other members opinions, a forums like area.

Events section to gather all BIM related events, local and international, webinars, training sessions, workshops and BIM friends meetings around the world. All members can post and join events.

Gallery section, a BIM show area where members post their projects renders, a great place to see what the other members are working on, you will find videos and tutorials about BIM softwares.

Downloads section where members can share many types of contents: BIM objects (ex. Revit families), documents, applications and plugins.

Business section where we list all BIM related products, services, jobs, trainings, companies and freelancers, you can find and add with ease your own listings and get members reviews.


BIMfriends team said...

Thank you for the post,
we will keep you informed and all Cadalot readers.
So do not hesitate to subscribe to get an invitation.

BIMfriends team said...

The BIMfriends website is launched TODAY !