Friday, 1 May 2009

RST2010 Keyboard Shortcuts Development via Excel

David Harrington has posted an Excel spreadsheet he is using for development of RST 2010 Keyboard Shortcuts on the AUGI Forum at

Many commands are repeated over and over as they exist on different ribbon menus. As such, developing a workable list is difficult since duplicate commands can easily get different key assignments as one moves about in a text file with over 1,400 lines.

I was in the process of trying to reformat the original shortcut reference sheet I made for 2008 and had got this far when I saw his posting on his blog.

[Project shortcuts]


Insert tab ~ None

Annotate tab ~ DI,EL, DL,GP,TX,F7,TG


Analyze tab ~ LD,AA,RAArchitect & Site tab ~ None

Collaborate tab ~ RL,RW,ERView tab ~ VP,VG,VV,TL,WC,WT

Manage tab ~ SU,UN

[Model family editor shortcuts]

Create tab ~ CM,GP,RP

Insert tab ~ None

Detail tab ~ GP,DI,TX,F7

Modify tab ~ MD,MA,AL,TR,SL,OF,GP,PT,SF

View tab ~ VP,VG,VV,TL,WC,WT

Manage tab ~ UN

Family Editor tab ~ None

[Annotation family editor shortcuts]

Create tab ~ LI,GP,DI,TX,F7

Insert tab ~ None

Modify tab ~ MD,MA,AL,TR,SL,OF,GP

etc. etc etc....

Some of the logic behind the initials has gone, especally for us UK users now a coping is a notch CP was CoPing now its Notching which has nothing to do with CP

RC was Remove Coping its now Notching Remove

SB was Structural SlaB but now it's Structural Floor ??????

There appear to be a few new shortcuts and a few that seem to have dropped of the map

There is more but I have only just started looking....

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