Monday, 27 September 2010

Revit 2011 Subscription Advantage Pack ~ Bloggers day

* Extended Worksharing Capabilities
* Extended Design Analysis Capabilities
* Extended Project Collaboration Capabilities
* Q&A

I will leave it to Revit OpEd   Revit - David Light   Do U Revit?   and CADD Help to fill you in.

We are still playing around with Worksharing and trying to find Architectural firms to work in partnership with on projects in Revit. So at the moment Extended Worksharing Capabilities is about as useful to us as a pushbike is to a goldfish.

In as few words as possible, I'm underwhelmed!

I was looking for something for everybody in this SAP, some fixes and tweaks, a bit like last year when they finally got it to work on UK Computers.

IMHO it’s the basics in Revit Structure that need fixing, I want to be able to schedule pile layouts without relying on my software provider producing an add-on for Revit to bridge the gaps in what should be basic functionality wihtin the program. I want to be able to RC detail and schedule without dropping out to ASD.

The Architects and the Sustainability LEEDS BREEAM and MEP Users got something Extended Design Analysis Capabilities.

USA and Japanese Engineers get a couple of extensions. Looks like very little else for UK this time around.

Autodesk, the clue is in the word "Subscription Advantage Pack", but at the moment I'm at a loss to see any Advantage for UK Users, well at least until I can read the read me and see what bugs they have fixed, and if they are more or less than those they have introduced with the SAP.

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