Friday, 10 September 2010

Calling all Revit Users in and around Bristol in the UK


I had a chat with Mark Fox over at Revit FOX on the phone after he sent me his details for the UK Revit Register and I had looked at his Blog.

He is really interested in finding more people in and around Bristol who might be interested in gathering in a local pub or office, or perhaps starting a BRUG Bristol Revit Group.

Mark says on his Blog “I suppose it was inevitable, that at some stage, I would need to give up my lonely Revit existance and join other like minded individuals. I have to say although daunting, also somewhat exciting. I feel I have been boring my colleagues with my Revit talk, and ultimately the conversations are always one sided, as no-one else uses/wants to use Revit! So… with a hop and a skip and a little glint of pearly whites, i’m off to make contact! Wish me luck!"

Lets do better than just wishing him luck, let’s help find him some other Revit Heads to Play with and put some more pins on the map!

If you are in or around the Bristol area and fancy gathering and talking Revit then send your details to me for adding to the UK Revit Register, and then Mark and others in your area will be able to find you.

There is nothing quite as good as peer to peer support, that's why I'm involved with AUGIuk!

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