Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Avatech Solutions Revit Online Tech Tips

Here is a list of just the Revit Online Tech Tips from the Avatch Solutions web site.

To see all the Online Tech Tips for all the products they support use this link

Revit Structure

Revit Structure: An Introduction Posted: 9/6/2009
See how to start a project and the best way to use tools such as templates, menu bars, walls, levels, design bar, shortcut keys, and the project browser.
This tech tip shows the steps on how to create a 45 degree structural column tag and bring it into your Revit file.

Revit Structure 2008: Splitting Beams Posted: 28/03/2008
See how to split a beam and attach a column to the underside of the beam.

Revit Structure: Warped Slabs Posted: 24/10/2007
See how to create warped roofs and slabs.

Revit Structure: Curved Beams Posted: 27/9/2007
Explore the new curved beam feature in Revit Structure 2008. You will see examples of creating not only horizontal curved beams, but vertical curved beams as well. The creation of beam systems within the curved beam areas is also shown.

Autodesk Revit Structure: Mitered Steel Corners Posted: 19/9/2006
See how to create mitered steel corners utilizing the Reference Plane tool in Revit Structure 3.

Revit Structure: Beam Systems Posted: 17/8/2006
Take an introductory look into creating beam systems within Revit Structure 3. We will walk through the creation process, how to edit existing beam systems, and how these can be sloped including both the physical and analytical models

Revit Architecture
Learn how to apply masking regions to dimensions. You’ll also see how to edit families to get masking regions to appear in door tags and section bubbles.
Learn how to control the view range inside of views in this tech tip. See how to edit line styles and create plan regions
Learn how schedule keys can help you work smarter and faster by allowing you to place preset information based on a key, automatically within a large number of fields on a schedule.

Revit Architecture 2008: Wall Sweeps Posted: 28/3/2008
This technical tip will compare and contrast wall sweeps defined as part of a wall family and a hosted wall sweep. Hosted wall sweeps provide additional functionality that are not available with wall family sweep elements.

Revit Architecture: Visibility Parameters Posted: 27/9/2007
See how to add a visibility parameter to an image in Revit.

Revit Architecture: AutoCAD to Revit Details Posted: 27/9/2007
Migrate your AutoCAD details into Revit Details to make them easier to modify in the future. You will see how to link in an AutoCAD detail, convert it to Revit linework, and then save the new information out as a Revit detail that can be easily reused in other Revit projects.

Revit MEP

AutoCAD MEP: Pipe Size Display Settings Posted: 28/3/2008
This technical tip will illustrate the impact of Pipe Size Display Settings in a Pipe System Definition on the Rise/Drop symbols used in the piping layouts

Revit MEP 2008: Duct Routing Posted: 8/2/2008
Work with duct routing option and how you can manually modify these options to better fit your environment.

Revit MEP: Wire Tick Marks Posted: 17/8/2007
Review the graphical configurations for wire tick marks in Revit MEP 2008, including styles, families, and the visibility parameters of wiring systems and elements.


Revit: Uncommon Features Posted: 17/6/2008
This tech tip takes a look into some of the features of Revit MEP, Architecture, and Structure that are not common to each other - and how we can sometimes make them work together anyway.

Revit: Blended Sweeps Posted: 17/6/2008
Revit Architecture, MEP, and Structure 2009 added in a new feature called Blended Sweeps. This tech tip will show you how this new feature works.

Revit: View templates Posted: 6/5/2008
Usable in Revit Architecture, Revit MEP, and Revit Structure, Joe takes you through an introduction to View Templates and how they can be used to manage and standardize View Properties in Revit.

Revit Systems: The 0,0 Coordinate Posted: 22/3/2007
A common misconception is that Revit does not use a coordinate system and the overall screen center to center is its only binding location. The coordinate system in Revit products are hidden in the background -- in this tip, track down the elusive 0,0 Cartesian point inside of Revit Systems

Autodesk Revit Systems: Moving Objects Across Worksets Posted: 14/12/2006
Send objects on their pilgrimage to new worksets inside of Revit Systems, fast and efficiently with this tip.

Autodesk Revit Building: Expanding your Rendering Posted: 31/10/2006
Utilize features to maximize your rendering's visual punch, with components and decals

Autodesk Revit Building: Adding Details to your Families Posted: 18/7/2006
An introductory look at how we can control the level of detail that is being viewed inside our families through visibility settings.

Revit Building : Schedule Keys 101 Posted: 18/1/2006
An introduction to creating and using a schedule key “style” within Revit Building to help automatically populate fields in your schedule, rather than manually entering these values line by line.

Revit: Adding Shadows with the new Advanced Modeling Graphics Feature Posted: 13/1/2005
Use the new Advanced Modeling Graphics feature in Revit to cast shadows and add a sense of texture to your building information model. Create presentation views by changing the location, angle and intensity of the Sun.

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