Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Learning Curve ~ Topo Surface

I have a site that has a storm relief sewer cutting across it at approximately 45 degrees.
The north east corner of the site is approximately 1.8m above the north-west and south east corners.

The water authority have granted building over on condition that we create a reduced loading zone over the sewer which we will provide using cordek cellcore. This seemed an ideal opportunity to jump into topo surfaces.

I linked an AutoCAD 2D drawing of the survey with the idea of tracing the spot levels and got stuck at the first hurdle. The following message popped up when I tried to place the first point

Open a 3D or site plan view? ~ “how is a site plan view different from a level view and how do I create one?”

I searched the help and could not find anything about how to create a site view and I looked in Visibility Graphics and could not find a tick box for Toposurface?I knew I must be missing something simple and it’s me but I could not see the wood for the trees

A tutorial On Revit Zone at called Topography: Creating a Basic Toposurface (Part 1 of 3)
Seems to suggest that " Your new Project File should contain default View called Site:-"

There is not a default view called "site" in the metric template supplied with RST2010 called Structural Analysis_DefaultGBRENU.rte ??????

I posted this question and a request for help on the AUGI forum, and again peer to peer support came up trumps, a user called Derek informed me.....

Yes, you are correct. They are assuming you are in Revit Architecture. RAC templates all include a default view called site. The only different parameters for a "Site" plan view include things scale, Crop view, default view template settings...that's about it. Simple "Duplicate" your lowest level and name it site, then adjust the view settings....”

I answered Derek that I thought it was crazy why not include the "site" view in the Revit Structures Template as well as the Architecture Template!

I later found a posting on David Lights Revit web site called Site Plans in Revit Structure which explains how to create a Site Plan View

I don’t understand why a "site" view is not included in the Engineering templates but it’s sure one that may make it to our final template.


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