Sunday, 6 December 2009

Pentagon Solutions ~ Video Tutorials

Pentagon Solutions is an independent company, owned exclusively by its founder members, and is based in Belfast. Their website is currently being rebuilt.

See all of nicadman videos here

Some of the earlier videos have music or are silent.

Those listed below have a voice over.

New ~ Conceptual Design in Revit Architecture ~ 02 December 2009
New ~ Various Basic Roofs in Revit ~ 09 October 2009

Revit from scratch ~ February 2009

Custom Stairs in Revit Architecture ~ March 2009
Stage 1 creating custom stairs in Revit Architecture

Revit Wall Options ~ February 2009

Creating Conceptual Designs in Revit Architecture

Calculating Block Count in Revit
Calculating the number of blocks\bricks in Revit Architecture 2009

Portal Frame in Revit Structure 2009

Swept Blend Roof in Revit Architecture 2009


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