Saturday, 12 September 2009

The Revit Kid Video Tutorials Update Sept 2009

The Revit Kid (Jeff Pinheiro) started his Blog on the 12th February.

Jeffs blog has to be one of my top 5 to visit on a regular basis, I don't know how he finds the time to keep producing valuable vidoes but he does. Jeff, keep up the good work you are helping students and newbies of all ages (OK I will admit it I'm 51!)

The Revit Kid Video Tutorials
Section Heads and Tails
Family and Material
Glass vs Glazing
Attaching Walls to Roofs
Create Custom Render Materials
Introduction to Decals
Vertical Reveal (T1-11)
Rebar Detail Component
Angled Beam System
Door Frame (Plan View) - Masked Region
Brick Shelf (Stacked Walls)
Basic View Titles
Render Basics - Flower Vase

Curtain Wall Doors
Studio Topo Tip - Part 3
Studio Topo Tip - Part 2
Studio Topo Tip - Part 1A
Studio Topo Tip - Part 1
Brick Window Sill
Visibility Parameters
Parametric Arrays
Angled Wall Sweeps
Parametric Wall Sweeps
Render Basics - Interior, Sun Only
Calling Out Drafted Views
Change Text Case in Revit
Organizing Your Revit Sheets
Basic Detail Component Usage
Windows and Plan Appearance

The Revit Kid Student to Student Revit Guide:

Harbor House - Part 1 - Importing CAD
Harbor House - Part 1A - Source CAD Files
Harbor House - Part 2 - Levels
Harbor House - Part 3 - Foundation/Stepped Footing
Harbor House - Part 4 - Slab Basics
Harbor House - Part 5 - Slab Edge
Harbor House - Part 6 - Basic Floors
Harbor House - Part 7 - Advanced Floors Part 1
Harbor House - Part 8 - Modify Walls
Harbor House - Part 9 - Sill PLates and Rim Boards

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The Revit Kid said...

Thanks for the post and the kind words James. Time? Who has time these days? I actually do a lot of my posting on the weekend and schedule them for the week (especially the videos). The more "up-to-date" stuff is done on a case by case basis.

Camtasia and screencast make it SO simple to create them.