Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Video Tutorials on Rocks!

This Web Site has Revit video tutorials that explain some of the basic aspects of Revit.

Where Levels are in the hierarchy. How walls constrain to levels , Coping in place or by level etc.

The sites author says "Please feel free to post Question as i can answer them in future posts." and that "Its important for students to get a sense of how we can trouble shoot some of the issues Revit throws back at us."

Not just students ;0)

Some videos are from open help sessions with student to work through some of the problems they are encountering. Other tutorials are on new features.

This is a site I can see myself visiting on a regular basis....enjoy

New Revit 2010 – Publishing Shared Coordinates + Named Views Across Linked Files
New Revit - Solar Radiation Technology Preview - Part 1
New Revit - Solar Radiation Technology Preview - Part 2
New Revit 2010 - Splitting Faces and Painting Materials
New Revit Architecture 2010 and 2009 - Explanation of Coordinate Systems Side by Side
IFC from Rhino through Revit
Revit 2010 - Curtain Panel Pattern Based - Hexagons
Revit 2010 - Spline By Points
Revit 2010 - Pattern Based Curtain Panels
Revit 2010 - Revolve and New Surface Patterning / Paneling
Revit 2010 - Removing Edges and 3d Snapping
Revit 2010 - Make Form - Add Edge And Profile
Revit 2010 - Sweeping and Reference Points
Revit 2010 - Make Form Direct Manipulation
Revit Architecture 2010 New Features - Conceptual Mass Make Form
Revit - Custom Profiles in Curtain Systems
Revit - Family Basics, Modeling a Stool
Revit - Diamond Curtian Panels
Revit - Nested Families
Revit - Scheduling Explained
Rhino - Autocad - Revit - Linking Complex Form to Drive Massing
Revit - Using Tags to Drive Instance Parameters
NYC Revit User Group Presentation
Revit - Scheduling Curtian Panels with Conditional Statements
Revit - Scheduling with Conditional Staments
Revit - Missing Grids in Elevation
Revit - Parametric Truss System - Part 1
Revit - Shared Parameters and Scheduling
Revit - Student Project - Auditorium
Revit - Student Projects - Elipses
Revit - Student Project - Angled Stone
Revit 2009 - New Feature Sweep Blend
Revit - Student Projects - Spider Clip
Revit - Basics About the Program
Revit - Adding Folders to File Open Menu
Revit - Modeling Operations
Revit - Faced Based Families
Revit - Radial Geometry w/ Reference Lines
Revit - Exporting DWG - Solids and Mesh
Revit - Line Based Parametric Array
Revit - Angle Parameters

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