Thursday, 15 April 2010

Autodesk Subscription Access is Temporarily Unavailable ~ I wonder why?

Time to Tax the system. Revit Architecture 2011 is available for download immediately for subscription customers!!!! 4/15/10 7AM EST.

Looks like Gregory Arkin is psychic

It must be getting better, now at least It only thinks I have forgot my password

Perhaps Autodesk should have invested some money they saved on DVD's on hardware!

And Autodesk are thinking of Cloud Computing..............I don't think so!

3.0 Hours later and I still can't get in ..... I want to punch someone or something

So Frustrating AGHRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!

Morphing, turning into a cross between the HULK and Victor Meldrew again..............

After about 5 hours I did get in then spent until 2am in the morning downloading.
I should have used the download manager as I got to 99% then Blammmmmy gone...



Gregory Arkin said... bad...maybe I shouldn't have made the blog post, tweet, AUGI forum post and the AutoCAD Discussion post and sent out the post to my blog subscribers.

Damn this social media. I forgot Linked in and Facebook!

SadSadBoy said...

Seems like autodesk subscription is available temporarly sometimes and not the other way around.

The words "temporarily unavailable" hints at the normal state of affair is this site running, but every freaking time I want to use it I have to check back three or four days in a row until it lets me in.