Thursday, 8 April 2010

CAD Notes Revit Architecture Tutorial: Create residential building from scratch

Whilst surfing for new revit sites I happened upon CAD Notes by Edwin Prakoso. he has produced Revit Architecture Tutorial: Create residential building from scratch, see list below

1.Introduction to Revit Architecture
2.Revit Architecture User Interface
3.Understanding Views and View Navigation
4.Defining Levels
5.Placing Exterior Walls
6.Finishing Your Walls
7.Placing Doors and Windows
8.Understanding Wall Structure
9.Creating Your Own Wall Type
10.Creating Floors
11.Creating Roof
12.Creating Roof Edges Profile
13.Creating Staircase
14.Creating Railings
15.Creating Ceiling in Revit Model
16.Creating Floor Edge Slab and Custom Component
17.Introduction to Revit Components
18.Revit Annotations: Dimension
19.Door and Window Tags
20.Defining Room and Room Legend
21.Creating Schedule from Revit Model
22.Placing Views to Sheet
23.Vertical Compound Wall
24.E-book: Revit Architecture 2010: Your First Residential Design
25.Placing Curtain Wall
26.Placing Wall and Material Tag

Edwin has compiled the Tutorials on his blog into an e-book that you can read comfortably without having to visit the blog pages. It’s not exactly the same with the existing tutorials, but, it’s very similar. he has fixed some editorial errors, add some more screenshots to describe the steps better, and provide some tutorial files. With the tutorial files, you can compare what he did to his model, or simply start a chapter using files provided. If you want to see what’s inside the book, you can download the table of contents

The e-book price is US$ 12.5  Click here to view more details 

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