Thursday, 29 April 2010

Gumbys working for Autodesk Support!

Do you ever wonder what happened to the Gumbys when Monty Pythons Flying Circus ended?

They went and found jobs at Autodesk Support, but these days they make the “end users brains hurt”

1) End user (Me) with support centre access tries to login and submit a support request

2) The online form can not be completed because there are no products listed to pick from, thus the request for support can not be made because I have not filled in a required field!

3) I telephone our contract administrator to ask if he can see our products listed on subscription centre ~ "YES"

4) Only difference we find is he is not using IE8 but Firefox

5) I download Firefox

6) Install Firefox on my computer.

7) Try to re-submit a support request and still can’t see the list of products on the support request form

8) I telephone our Reseller and inform him of the problem.

9) Email from Reseller stating that the user access within the subscription website is controlled by our contract administrator and AutoDesk suspect that you have not been given access to the Product Support area of the Subscription site. (Strange as I’ve been posting requests for the last year?)

10) As requested by Autodesk, I check with my contract administrator and see if this is the case or not. He promises me faithfully he has not altered anything; he has a poke around and can’t find anything wrong or any setting to reset

11) I email the Reseller to inform him what our contact administrator had done and said and asked him “Bottom line …… can they just fix the bloody thing so that I can post support requests?” A not unreasonable request thinks me.

12) Reseller emails me and asks for my login name

13) Email my login Name to Reseller as requested (his got my name and company name but OK)

14) AutoDesk have now asked whether our contract administrator can raise a support request on the subscription site as to why this is happening too me??!

Apparently AutoDesk Support cannot help with this matter and it needs to be raised directly with AutoDesk Business Centre through the support request (unfortunately Resellers do not have direct contacts with this area of AutoDesk).

15) I email my Contract administrator to ask him to make the request

15 Steps not including what has happened between the reseller and Autodesk and a day of wasted time, and all I want to do is submit a Support Request!

I do hope they can fix this after recieving his request

"My Brain Hurts!"   Bloody Gumbys . . . . . . . . 
The pain stops after a little while, if you stop hitting your head against the wall!


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Lcchvac Revit Mep Systems said...

Luiz Carlos said ... The Gumbys ... They came back and managed to find employment in Autodesk? . Our ... I think now the cow is going down the tubes ... will it happen even all good, all in order, everything is controlled as provided in this change in the time of deparadigma Gumbys!. Will they be recycled for the community among other CAD etc..? Well .. so I think my mind will not pain anymore, so I will not need drugs or surgery and in my celebrate. Let's wait and see but I know that Autodesk bet some of these changes., This once again proves its efficiency market leader.