Thursday, 13 January 2011

3 men in a boat ummm I mean a pub in Bristol


Announcement from BRUG - Bristol Revit User Group on linked-In

"Thought I'd let you all know we have our first informal BRUG get together at the Horts public house in Bristol on Wednesday 26th January. I will be there from 5pm onwards, some are joining a little later 6 - 6:30. Let me know if you can make it.

I'll buy you a packet of crisps, flavour to suit your preference, if you make the effort to come along! (How can you turn an offer like that down???... if I'm feeling extra flash I may stretch to pork scratchings or scampi bites.) "  Mark Fox

      Mark Fox         !        Rob Clark         !  Craig Howell Jones

So support your forming Bristol Revit User Group and meet up with these three Likley Lads.
( Photographs so that you know who you are looking for, not to scare you away! ) 

This is similar to how the LRUG ~ London Revit User Group got started.  There were three of us, Dave Light, Carl Collins and I that wanted to make it happen.

We planned an informal meet up with a few more interested parties. Next thing we knew we were having our first formal meeting and there were thirty of us, and now a year later we number 80 Registered Members of the web site and 58 on the invite list.

Good luck chaps….

If you want to find out more about BRUG visit their Linked-in Group, or email Mark Fox


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Mark said...

We're not overly fussy on location, so if someone has a boat that we could have our meet on, just let me know. Oh, it will have to have alcohol on board...