Monday, 19 September 2011

NBS and The National BIM Library

NBS is pleased to announce the development of the National BIM (Building Information Modelling) Library for the UK construction industry.

The National BIM Library, which will be accessible online and free of charge, will enable architects, contractors, interior designers and other construction professionals to locate and download generic BIM objects for a comprehensive range of systems and products such as walls, windows, doors, foundations, cladding and roofs.

The service, which will go live in November with the first set of objects, will be built up to become the primary source of standard and proprietary BIM objects.
Standard BIM object
By also publishing property definitions for all systems and products, NBS will also establish a common approach to quality standards across the construction industry, with a view to encouraging consistency and collaboration.

The development of the National BIM Library is the latest step in NBS's efforts to provide, share and maintain quality information for the built environment and by extension, support the growth of BIM as an information-rich database and highly effective business process. It also supports the launch of NBS Create, the groundbreaking new specification tool, which truly brings specification into the BIM arena.
The information behind a specification model in NBS Create

The generic models will initially be delivered in IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) and Autodesk Revit formats with the intention of making content available through a variety of alternative formats as soon as possible.

The National BIM Library will also offer manufacturers the opportunity to have their proprietary objects authored to the new standard and hosted within the National BIM Library as well as other information sources such as and the NBS itself. This will facilitate generic objects to be replaced at later stages of a design with specific manufacturer's objects once specified.

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