Friday, 30 September 2011

Create FREE 3D Adobe PDF files from Revit

Here is a little GEM that I saw a couple of weeks ago on What Revit Wants the reason for re-posting, well it tells you how to Create a 3D PDF files from Revit for FREE and I love the FREE appliactions plus when I want to find it again I know I have it here on my Blog.

Original Posting Create 3D PDF files from Autodesk Revit for free

Here is how to do it:
  1. Close Revit
  2. Download and install i-model plug-in for Revit (you will have to register)
  3. Download and install Bentley View
  4. Open a Revit project
  5. Open a 3D view
  6. In the Ribbon, go to Bentley - Publish as i-model
  7. Open the i-model DGN in Bentley View
  8. File - Print to PDF
  9. Tick 'Print to 3D'
  10. Click Printer button
  11. Choose a place to save your file
  12. Open the 3D PDF in Adobe Reader
  13. Have fun navigating your Revit model inside a 3D PDF file.


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