Thursday, 1 September 2011

New Technology Previews Project Spark and Storm

You may have seen around that two new technology previews have been released around BIM.  Project Spark is now available to try out.  David Light has written a concise overview on his blog, Project Spark - quick overview.


Also, if you want to learn more about Project Spark at the up coming AU, Harlan Brumm, of Revit Clinic will be teaching a class on Spark at the conference.  He will also be joined by the product manager for the technology preview.


There is another technology preview on labs that worth checking out.  Project Storm is a technology preview that provides cloud-based structural analysis to structural engineers using Revit Structure.  Check out the post over on Its Alive in the Lab for all the details. I've downloaded and about to play but you must ensure that you have installed RST2012 Update 1 before installing Project Storm.

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