Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Content Packs for Revit RAC & RST2012 Update 2 Now Available

I really worry about Autodesk at times, they release Update 2 for Revit Structure without the supporting documentation which arrives two days after, then three weeks after that someone finally realises that perhaps some users install their content on a server (what a novel idea!)

So finally three days ago The Revit Clinic post the announcement below:-

The Content Packs for Update Release 2 for both Revit Architecture and Revit Structure have been posted on their respective product pages.


To update the content, extract the .cab files to the same location as your installed

Revit Architecture

Revit Structure

Come on Autodesk, put you brain in gear and try an co-ordinate this will you please, I could have done with this file weeks ago with the release of the Update not as an after thought!

6/10 Do Better!

Update Enhancement List for RST2012 - 4th Oct 2011

Revit Structure 2012 Update 2 Ready - Well Nearly! - 28th Sept 2011


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