Saturday, 7 January 2012

UK & Ireland Revit User Groups - Jan 2012 Update

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London Revit User Group
12th Meeting due 18th January 2012

Bi-Monthly meeting Jan, March, May, July, Sept, Nov.

Glasgow Revit User Group
  7th Meeting due last week February 2012

Edinburgh Revit User Group
  3rd Meeting Dec 2011 Cancelled due to severe weather
  2nd Meeting was July 2011

Bristol Revit User Group
  5th Meeting due Sept 2011 never materialised
  4th Meeting was May 2011

Revit User Group Leeds
  4th Meeting was 23rd November 2011

Revit Users Ireland Group
  3rd Meeting was 7th December 2011
  2nd Meeting was September 2011

Currently looking into setting up regional groups of Revit Users Ireland, to cater for people who can't make it to the quarterly RUIG meetings in Dublin.

Manchester Revit User Group
  2nd Meeting was 9th November 2011

Revit Midland User Group
Linked-In Group - No actual meetings arranged yet

North East Revit User Group
Linked-In Group - No actual meetings arranged yet

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