Tuesday, 7 February 2012

New UK Blog - Revit Sticky Notes

There is a new UK Blog that has recently come to my attention, Its called Revit Sticky Notes (I like the idea behind the name) and it has been up since November 2011. In addition the Author has released some plugin's for Revit.

The Authors name is Rahul Shah and he is currently an Associate/Studio Design Technology Manager at Woods Bagot London studio. He also happens to be a fellow member of LRUG (London Revit User Group) http://www.lrug.co.uk/

Current Plugins on his blog include:-

  • Calculate Occupancy Load Plugin
  • Calculate Rentable Area Plugin

There is also a family for 3D Grid Lines

This Blog is going to be added to my watching list, and I suggest you may want to add it to yours.

1 comment:

Rahul Shah said...

Thanks Alan for sharing this with your readers. I like the sticky note!!