Wednesday, 30 May 2012

EEE = Excitech Experience E-zine

Below are links to the Excitech Experience which is aimed at sharing the latest developments and processes in the industry as seen by their consultants, training team, support engineers and developers.

Excitech Experience follows on from the success of Excitech’s Design Productivity Journal (DPJ) which, for almost ten years, provided one of the most widely read publications covering the application of technology for the creation and management of design data.

Excitech Experience - Issue 2
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Issue 2 - BIM In Construction - April 2012

  • Not just a trend?
  • BIM for Construction
  • BIM for Infrastucture
  • Structural Detailing
  • David Philp Opinion
  • News, COBie and more!
  • Capita Symonds Case Study
Excitech Experience - Issue 1
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Issue 1 - Building On BIM - November 2011

  • Making Construction Products Suitable for BIM
  • Improving Revit Data Quality
  • Visualising BIM with 3ds Max
  • BIM at the Forum
  • Driving MEP from design to fabrication
  • News, Autodesk suites and Opinion!
  • Case Study: Pell Frischmann
Here is a link to the Excitech Experience web page

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