Saturday, 8 June 2013

Revit Structure 2013 Update Release 1 2 or 3

Confused you will be...... read this from the Autodesk web site

Third line I think they mean "Prior to installing the Update Release" 3 and not 2, but to not edit previous post and still have links to Update 1 files .... Doh!

Shoot or sack the individual who posted this.  

Come on Autodesk get your act together.... Here is the link to the page above

Booze up and Brewery comes to mind and well as the other naughty one!

See also Steve Staffords Post about there not being an update release for Revit 2013

After posting the above I decided to check out the pages for Architecture and MEP looks like it's only the structural guys that are not on the ball....

Update - I later thought could they really be that silly?
                Yes they can, it may say UR1 but it downloads UR3

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