Sunday 20 January 2008

More families at AUGI forums

The AUGU discussion Forums are another source of Families This week on the Revit Structure - Families

Topics about creating families specifically for Revit Structure.

A Revit Structure user called djn (not a lot of other information about him or her other than that) posted their first attempt at created a type catalog for concrete beams and columns. See thread

The types start with 12 x 12 and worked up to 48 x 48 by 2s, although this doesn't account for all beams or columns used, djn thinks it will account for most of them.

The rfa, txt and the Excel source files are included for


I’ve download the files and had a play. I've created a metric version of the Excel spreadsheets and then the txt file (saving as csv then re-naming as djn suggested). As the originals I've starting at 300 going up to 1200

The metric Excel source files and and txt files have been posted back to the thread.

It's worth keeping an eye on the AUGI forums

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