Saturday, 21 February 2009

More on Ribbon Blues

Feeling just a little frustrated that I had only just purchased the book Mastering Revit 2009 and that they are going to change the whole darn User Interface for the Ribbon that I hate in Word 2007, I posted the Ribbon! We Don't Want Your Stinkin' Ribbon on my blog and on the AUGI forum.

Wes Macaulay posted the reply on the AUGI forum below:-

“The Ribbon is an intelligent response to feature bloat. I would encourage everyone who is opposed to the Ribbon to look at the Microsoft video on why the Ribbon was developed.

I think the Ribbon is a good idea, but it has to be implemented right. Evidently Acad 2010's ribbon is better than 2009's so even the Ribbon we get in Revit 2010 could be improved upon.

The Ribbon isn't marketing balderdash at all -- you have no idea about the thought that went into it. But should they have finished the site tools in this release instead of the Ribbon? Maybe... or maybe getting the Ribbon needed to happen now, because at some point, Windoze users are going to have to come to terms with the Ribbon. I didn't like it either, but the video in the link above made me see why they're doing it. And the Factory might as well get us accustomed to the new era of UI design sooner rather than later.”

I downloaded and watched the video as he suggested.I can see what he means about the amount of thought that went into it......

In Word It just makes me feel like I've lost control, and I really don't want that again, just as I'm finding my feet with Revit.

I was one of the first to jump from DOS to Windows, and that did not feel as awkward as the move from menus to ribbon!

Perhaps it's just my age catching up with me?

But if you feel the same about the Ribbon then it is well worth watching the video as Wes suggests, just to find out why they have done what they have done, like it or not!


David Light said...

You will learn to love it! I've been beta testing it since mid jan and wasn't sure either. But it had to happen to expand revit and to make it the modern app it actually is. Like it or not things move on, else we'd still be riding a horse and cart and faxing rather than emailing! :-)

cadalot said...

Inside I know your right, guess it’s the grumpy old man coming out in me;0)