Saturday, 9 January 2010

Mastering the Family Editor Series ~ Video Tutorials

10% Discount Limited Offer!

Last summer Paul Aubin ran some online web training courses on Mastering the Revit Family Editor. He has now produced this course as a series of Five Video Sessions that can be purchases as individual Sessions or as a Complete Bundle.

For details and pricing of the series see Pauls Website.

A few things to note, The Amazon Video On Demand options for purchase and Rental are not available in the UK and a Video Playback Not Authorized message is presented stating that:-

“We have detected that you are not located within the US. Due to licencing restrictions Amazon Video On Demand customers must be located in the United States when viewing videos online”

Which is a real shame if you are not in the US and don’t want to wait for the DVD to arrive or wanted to choose the Rent the Videos option presented.

Paul has a Preview of the Video Sessions 1 - 5 on his web site that you can watch

If you are going to purchase an individual session or the complete bundle then pop over Steve Staffords Revit OpEd blog and obtain a 10% discount secret code

[The code is displayed when you hover over the Secret Code hyperlink, in a tool tip. The secret code will be valid for purchases made from 12/28/09 to 1/28/10, one month] and you'll be able to get 10% off the regular price (and Steve get a small share of the "riches" – and gives full disclosure of this on his blog posting).

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