Saturday, 23 January 2010

Revit Structure 2010 Quick Reference Guide

Being an old AutoCAD User and recalling the old six page cardboard Quick Reference Guides that use to be provided with the software. I decided to try and create a Quick Reference Guide for Revit Structure 2010 to assist new users at our offices in Bedford, London and Winchester.

Unfortunately because I’ve used a font size for the visually impaired (also known as the over 40’s) it’s grown to 11 pages long.

As you know when I’ve posted this kind of material on the blog in the past, I’ve had to do it as a series of jpg's which can be a real pain for me to upload and for those interested in obtaining to harvest from the blog. The quality is also not as good as an Adobe file.


Therefore I would like to thank the Partners of Scott White and Hookins, for donating some web space to make uploading and downloading this Quick Reference Guide and future material easier.

Click Here to download the RST2010 QRG

Can you Guess the Services provided by SWH from the icons on their website?

See animated flood drawings produced using revit on the SWH Website ~ Click Here
Since posting this the webspace donated is being re-configured as a resource for LRUG London Revit Users Group ..... More to come soon


Mike and Mary Jones said...

D/L'ing thanks for the Guide! Additionally, I appreciate the larger print.

cadalot said...


Your welcome, thanks for leaving a comment. It's nice to get these once in a while, make the effort of blogging worth while!