Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Autodesk Assistance Program

The Autodesk Assistance Program is still available until March 31st 2010. Designed to help displaced employees (American for currently Unemployed) update their skills and improve their employability in an economic downturn. The benefits of the scheme are jointly provided by Autodesk and the Authorised Training Centre (ATC) channel. Between them Autodesk and the ATC will be providing important deliverables to qualified program participants, including:

For UK ATC see Excitech web page

Free* Software Licence:This is a 13 month term student licence of a number of Autodesk software applications which is supplied as an online download. This includes AutoCAD®, Revit® Architecture, Autodesk® Inventor® Professional, and/or AutoCAD® Civil 3D® software.

(*13 month and 90 day term license subject to the educational license terms and conditions.)

Free Online Training:
On-demand training available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is provided through the Autodesk Assistance Program Portal (Requires internet access).

Free access to Autodesk University Online:
This allows participants to view more than 1,000 sessions and handouts, including more than 400 sessions from Autodesk University 2008, and provides the additional advantage of allowing participants to network with other AU Online members and send questions to AU speakers.

Reduced-Cost Classroom Training:
Over 70 Autodesk Authorized Resellers and Autodesk Authorized Training Centre (ATC®) partners are offering classroom training at their training facilities for free or for a significantly reduced fee. Although offerings will vary, please check with your chosen ATC to get details.

Certification preparation and exams available at discounted rates through Autodesk Authorized Certification Centres. Again offerings will vary, please check with your local Certification Centre to get details.

Free Product Support:
Direct installation and licensing support from Autodesk to program participants.

Applicants must meet the following eligibility requirements:
- Must be currently unemployed
- Must have worked in the architecture, engineering, design or manufacturing community
- Must complete online application required elements, including personal contact information
- Must specify their date of departure from their former employer, employer name, and HR contact information
- Must self-certify that they meet eligibility requirements

Getting started in the Autodesk Assistance Program is easy! Just refer to the following
1. Determine if you meet program eligibility requirements at
2. Register for Program Participation and certify your program eligibility
3. Receive your confirmation email
4. Log in to the secure site with your new credentials
Once enrolled in the program, you can refer back to the Autodesk Assistance Program
website to continue receiving the program benefits outlined in this document and on the
program web site.

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