Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Synergis ~ Video Tutorials Revit 2009

Author: Bill Knittle, Synergis Building Solutions Type: AVI VideoDate: February 2009
Details: Use these tips and tricks videos to increase your knowledge of Revit Structure.

01_Creating a View Parameter to Organzie the Project Browser.wmv
02_Creating a New Browser Type to Organize the Project Brows.wmv
03_Creating View Templates to Organize the Project Browser.wmv
04_Creating a View List to Organize the Project Browser.wmv
05_Selecting Elements using the TAB Key.wmv
06_Selecting Elements using the Filter Selection Button.wmv
07_Selecting Elements using the CTRL and SHIFT Keys.wmv
08_Selecting Elements using the SPACEBAR.wmv
09_Selecting Elements using the SI Tools.wmv
10_Collaborating using Purge Unused.wmv
11_Collaborating using Copy or Monitor.wmv
12_Using Copy to Clipboard and Paste Aligned to Views by Nam.wmv
13_Using Copy to Clipboard and Paste Aligned to Current View.wmv
14_Accurate Details using Complex Modeling Techniques.wmv
15_Accurate Details using Simple Tools.wmv
16_Reinforcement made easy with the Extensions for Revit Str.wmv
17_Creating a Typical Detail Library with Drafting Views.wmv
18_Creating Typical Details using Insert from File.wmv
19_Accessing the Split Wall with Gap Tool.wmv
20_Accessing and Modifying the Keyboard Shortcuts.wmv

If you experience problems viewing the tutorials, you may need to install the video codec TSCC. It can be downloaded from the TechSmith site.

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