Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Dr Who: The Adipose Care Guide

OK "I don't believe it" ... that there are those of you out there, that don't watch Dr Who!

It appears to me that most Revitheads also like Star Wars, Star Trek, Dr Who and Scfi generally  it must be all that 3D stuff models and animation!

That's also why I'm enjoying experimenting with the 3DConnexion mouse - No I'm not using it on Google Earth and pretending to be Superman flying!

If you find an Adipose walking lost down a street, here is how to look after him or her.

My ones name is "Jor" because he looks like half of Jordan (you know Katie Price the EX Mrs Peter Andre )....

I could have called him "Dan" but I would have felt like a RIGHT TIT

"Matron can I go and sit in the comfy chair now please?....... No No not the comfy chair!


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