Friday, 27 May 2011

Version 10.1 of Keynote Manager

As a subscriber I have been informed that version 10.1 of Keynote Manager is available.
Version 10.1 addresses some concerns expressed and adds some new flexibility to the program. A full list of updates can be found at, but the most significant changes are as follows:
  Flexibility – Version 10.1 splits the program into an ad-supported free version and a paid ‘Pro’ version.  This allows the program to be used functionally for free, but adds extra features and flexibility for users who need more features.

      Banners – This system can be turned on or off in the pro version but is required for the free version.  Additionally, the pro version can be fully customized to point to a location on a local server for companies to display banners and links to their users in-house.
       Manufacturer Link – This system can be turned on or off in the pro version, but is required for the free version.

      Info Link – This system uses the same external xml file as the comment system to allow you to link keynotes to external files or web locations and open those files from the Keynote Manager interface.  Files on local or network drives are opened in their default editor and web locations are opened in the default browser.

      Help – The help system has been changed to an html system which should be much easier to use and update.

      The links regarding this version are the same as previous versions, but in case you don’t have them:

Feature Overview:    
Update History:         

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